We announced some exciting new product stuff today – our Social Signals API and a Salesforce.com integration. You can read the press release below.  Look for additional commentary from Argyle CEO Eric Boggs later today.

Jill @ Argyle.


Argyle Social today announced two significant enhancements to its social media marketing platform. The new products – the Social Signals API and Argyle for Salesforce.com – enable community managers and social professionals to integrate social data across marketing channels and business systems.

“When it comes to enterprise marketing maturity, social media is light years behind other channels like email, search, and display,” Argyle Social CEO Eric Boggs said. “As a result, marketers operate in a dangerous blind spot – they don’t understand how their social media investments map to key business outputs.”

“We believe that the cross-channel integration enabled by our new products will drive the next wave of social business innovation,” Boggs added.

Social Signals API

Argyle’s Social Signals API maps activity data like social interactions, short URL clicks, shares and website conversions to individual contact records and social profiles. This powerful social data feed augments customer intelligence and enriches cross-channel marketing programs.

“The days of fragmented social data and swivel-chair integrations are over. The days of social business automation are here,” Boggs said. “Our Social Signals API provides a contact-centric data feed to augment CRM, email marketing and customer service systems with social data. As a result, marketing executives can run smarter marketing programs and make socially-informed business decisions.”

Argyle for Salesforce.com

Argyle also announced a plug-and-play Salesforce.com integration – the first of many products to be built on its Social Signals API.

“Argyle for Salesforce is a revolutionary step forward for the B2B community manager,” Boggs said.  “We expect to announce integrations with additional CRM and email marketing systems in the very near future.”

Argyle’s Salesforce.com integration maps social activity data directly into Salesforce Lead and Contact records and highlights the community manager’s role as a sales enabler and revenue accelerator.

Customer Quote

“By tying directly into the CRM, Argyle surfaces which leads, opportunities, and sales have had social touchpoints in ways that you can’t with other tools like Google Analytics that stop once the customer leaves your website,” said Argyle customer Christopher Penn, Director of Inbound Marketing at email marketing software provider WhatCounts.

“More social data in the sales funnel gives sales and marketing teams the ability to follow up with prospective customers via social channels,” Penn added.

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