Twitter announced this morning changes to user profiles, placing a higher emphasis on photos and visual branding. How would we describe them? Well…basically…they’re Facebook profile pictures. But for Twitter.

Snarkiness aside, what does that mean exactly? Well, your new header photo will be wide (2:1 aspect ratio), and synced across web and mobile interfaces, giving you a consistent brand across all platforms. Twitter says these changes will “make your presence on Twitter more meaningful” by allowing you to “express yourself instantly, anywhere.”

Our first reactions? While we’re all for a more visually stimulating presence on social media networks, Twitter is making things a little more difficult with their new layout. Because of the placement of the profile picture in the middle of your header photo, you will have to be careful about which photos are selected. For example, Mashable’s Adam Ostrow selected an image that, in his words, “looks like I’m moderating a debate between myself and Ted Turner.” Kind of awkward, for sure.

We’re hoping that users will take a more Ryan Seacrest-esque approach to the header photos, who is cleverly embracing the new feature.

We can’t wait to see how brands take advantage of the new header photos. What do you think of the changes? Have you seen any more examples of interesting header photos? The good, the bad, the ugly – we want to see them all!



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