Pop quiz! Ready?

Question: Who is your best customer?  That ideal person that you’re trying to target with your B2B social media marketing?

When you stop to think about it, you probably have a pretty good idea of who those people are. Their age, values, habits. The ways they’re likely to receive and process information.

But how often do you think about it? It’s so easy to temporarily lose sight of the real people you’re trying to target with your social presence. In an effort to optimize your social strategy, it can become an overly scientific process of trying to reach some unattainable, amorphous group called “prospective customers.” It’s easy to forget that you’re trying to reach real people with real personalities and senses of humor.

That’s why it’s crucial, especially in social media, to think through your buyer persona – the picture of the person you’re trying to target. Once you understand more about the people you’re trying to market to, you can shift your tone and reach that group more effectively.

How can you use this information? Here are just a few ways to put that persona insight to work in your marketing strategy:

  • Take advantage of the channels and technology your market uses. If you’re targeting a tech savvy demographic, make sure everything you create is optimized for mobile. If you sell to huge, traditional corporations, you might think about making sure your landing pages format correctly in IE.
  • Use humor appropriate to your demographics. For the under 30 demographic: pictures of cats. Always cats.
  • Tailor your messaging to the appropriate job level. Lower-level employees usually want something to make their job easier. Executives will likely care more about your product can help impact the big picture.
Making your social media marketing strategy more effective is just a matter of applying your marketing theories to the real world and the real people you want as customers. Other thoughts? What other ways can you use your buyer persona to create a more effective strategy?
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