Guest author: Ben Oren is a Web marketing specialist and Director of SEO at WhiteWeb technologies. Ben Oren is specializing in large corporations in a highly competitive niches mostly in the US and Europe. He is a marketing analytics consultant at Dynamic Search™ – a US based, web marketing agency.


So you have a Facebook page with a few thousand likes. You share relevant content, post inspiring quotes, humorous quips, and don’t trumpet yourself too much. So why are you still playing to an empty room?

Your lack of Facebook interaction could be for a number of reasons. Instead of focusing on what you’re doing WRONG, though, let’s ensure you’re doing more and more things right. Here are 13 surefire ways to put more people in seats and get them engaged.

Give something away for free.

Contests and giveaways work very well at boosting Facebook interaction. But simple access to an exclusive offer or Facebook only discount not only attracts people, but it makes them feel important. It allows you or your business to seem more .

Ask them questions.

Even if the questions are simple, just ask. People are more inclined to respond if they are certain someone would like them to, or if their opinion is requested.

Make them look forward to your posts.

Sometimes users will like and comment on your statuses just because it’s your business and they know, like and trust you. Use this to your advantage.  Show them you noticed their dedication to your page.

Make them laugh.

Nothing opens people up more than a good laugh. If your company’s marketing is B2B or to a mass audience, you should keep your jokes light and inoffensive. If you know your audience is more adult oriented, then you can get away with more.

Make it more about them.

Enough about you! Give customer quotes, testimonials, or even reiterate trouble-shooting situations you’ve helped clients overcome. If people see that other’s experiences working with you have been pleasant, they will be more likely to work with or buy from you.

Present a guest blogger/ admin.

On air DJ’s don’t sit in front of the broadcast board at the radio station all day (if at all anymore, in this age of automation) for good reason. Most listeners wouldn’t want to hear the same opinions and musical tastes all day long. The same holds true for your Facebook. People might engage more if you introduce a guest admin or blogger that will add a unique professional perspective.

Invite your personal network

Business owners want to see want “normal”, every day consumers are talking about, what their concerns are, and what they are in to. All of these factors effect their buying decisions.

Make more memes.

Memes can be annoying, irreverent and childish. They can also be informative, fun and motivating. People online are often driven by images of cute puppies and delicious dinners. Use this to your advantage. For example: Make a “World’s Most Interesting Man Meme that states:“I don’t always use (insert your product or service here) but when I do, I choose (insert your business name here.)”

Shameless self-promotion.

Don’t be afraid to tell people how to reach you on other channels: online and offline. Ask them to follow you on Twitter, subscribe to your YouTube, or pay attention to your RSS feed. This transparency can lead them to interact with you more on all your online spaces, not just Facebook.

Start a debate.

There’s a reason why people tune into news shows that appear to be slightly conflicted. It’s “good TV” because people feel they can connect with either side of a debate. They stay tuned because they want to see if their side is accurately represented.

Keep mobile users in mind.

More than half of all Facebook users access from their mobile device. If your website and Facebook are not optimized for mobile, make that happen. You’re seriously missing out on the conversation if you don’t.

Website branding.

Compare and contrast your Facebook design to that of your Website. What’s the best way to create transparency, and attract people?

Behind the Scenes of your Brand.

Obviously you should have a powerful profile pic and a cover photo. Businesses with shots of their employees and workplace appear trustworthy. This puts a face on the brand, and usually results in more interaction.  Show your Facebook network who was employee of the month last month. If you don’t have that many employees, consider showcasing the talents and services of your longest tenured employee. This will not only make the employee feel special and proud of their dedication to your company; it will help connect with working class audiences.


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