End-to-End White Labeling for your Social Media Agency

Argyle Social enables agencies to resell a fully branded social media management platform to their clients. Curate content, provision users, and configure entire social media campaigns and accounts for your clients.

End-to-End White Labeling

Argyle Agency looks like you, from the user interface on down to the system-generated email notifications. We even provide custom social publisher applications, so all your clients' posts can say "...posted via MyAgency" on Facebook and Twitter. Talk about social lead generation!

Efficient Client Management

Do you currently have to remember a million different credentials for each of your client accounts? Our agency dashboard allows you to have a single login for all of your clients and all of their social properties. Quickly and easily switch between client accounts with a single click. Do all of the work yourself or create accounts for your clients' users so they can share in the fun.

Joint Client Billing

Like everything we do, we want to make your life simpler. Every billing cycle, all your agency accounts are added into a single bill, allowing for convenient payment. Pass along the cost to your clients, or offer it as an included service — we'll leave that to you.

Tiered Discounts

Your success as an agency customer directly drives our success as a platform provider — more clients for you means more business for us! For more information on pricing and volume tiers, get in touch with a sales representative.