Always be on top of what your social community is saying

Engage or ignore posts based on the value of their content

Automatically hide spam or flag important posts using Argyle's rules and notifications to help ensure the most important conversations are always front and center.

Distinguish sales and support conversations from regular chatter

Funnel sales, support, and marketing questions to the appropriate employees with Argyle rules, ensuring the most qualified individuals are answering the questions they can answer best.

Respond quickly to all questions without living on social channels

Automated notifications send important social messages straight to your email inbox, so even if you don't live your life with a twitter tab running in the background, you can still be up to speed on what people talk about.

Custom Publishers

EdgeRank is unforgiving. Facebook can collapse posts together in the news feed, reducing the number of impressions you receive. The best way to solve this is to use your own social publisher. All your posts will come out "via (YourCompany)" and won't get collapsed with other posts. More impressions and custom branding: a definite win-win.