Enhance Pardot with Social Data

A marketer can influence the conversion path for prospects through social media channels. When you synchronize followers, mentions, and audience segments with Pardot data, you can capture insights that accelerate conversions by creating campaigns that reflect individual buying patterns.

  • Discover new prospects within your social audience.
  • Qualify more leads with automated scoring with social metrics.
  • Drive informed conversations that resonate with your leads and customers.

Drive Lead Scoring with Social Actions

Lead scoring is a fundamental building block of Pardot, and scoring shouldn't begin and end at website behavior and email marketing responsiveness. Argyle delivers up-to-date social media engagement metrics to Pardot. These metrics and interactions add high value insights to your sales and marketing organization and can be utilized to automatically score prospects and accurately reflect their brand engagement.

  • Score Leads with Key Social Metrics, and customize the value of certain social interactions.
  • View Complete Social History in Pardot for a full view of a lead's engagement with your brand.
  • Push Leads down the Funnel by prioritizing social users with higher engagement.

Engage Prospects via Social Media

From high-level data (gender, state, city, age) to individual-level data (each individual social connection), Argyle provides detailed prospect data for targeted campaigns and relevant conversations that with your audience.

  • Target Segments of your Social Audience with automatic groupings.
  • Deliver Individualized Messaging by reviewing social, email, and web actions together.
  • Drive Consistent Conversations by connecting prospect assignments across all channels.